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At Express Appliance Repair Vancouver, our technicians are highly experienced with Avantgarde appliances and can carry out successful repairs for all makes and models. Their designs are as beautiful as they are energy-efficient. This French company prides itself on supplying its customers with simple and easy-to-use products. Your lives become that much easier when you choose Avantgarde.

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Avantgarde is new to the appliance industry. They are a french company that produced wine coolers and wine cellars before producing appliances. They put an emphasis on the collaboration of their hard-working team. Their team focuses on professional and helpful customer service but supplying fine products and more than adequate support for those products. They encourage creative and innovative design to ensure that they are at the forefront of every industry they produce products for.

Their designs are as beautiful as they are energy-efficient. This French company prides itself on supplying its customers with simple and easy-to-use products. They are known for producing high-quality products on top of their exceptional wine coolers and cellars. The vents they produce are also particularly popular and are made to the highest standards.

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Avantgarde Appliance Repair

Avantgarde has goals when it comes to viewing the future and living the present. One of their main goals consists of meeting their business partners and their customers’ expectations while still preserving outstanding quality. They strive to keep their prices fair and equivalent to other appliance manufacturers. They ensure that the prices they offer are equal to other competing appliance brands.

We are available at all times, on weekends and, holidays, whenever you need your appliance back in working order, give us a call, and we’ll be there. We offer either same-day service or scheduled service so if you need your appliance repair right away or in the near future, we will happily accommodate. Give us a call anytime between 7 am and 10 pm and we will be there and ensure your faulty appliance causes as little stress as possible. You can trust our insured technicians to deliver fantastic Avantgarde appliance repair.

When you enlist Express Appliance Repair Vancouver, you can be sure that our repair will stand up to the test of time. We offer up to a year-long warranty on all of our Avantgarde appliance repairs so if your appliance continues to experience the same issue after the repair, we will come and take care of it free of charge. You can also schedule an appointment using our online booking form. Call us at (778) 819-0387 for any problems with your Avantgarde appliances.

Avantgarde on brand pages on brand pages refrigerators are available in all shapes and sizes. The model you choose obviously depends on your needs, your household size, and your budget. No matter the model, when you need professional repairs, our team will be right over to solve any problem.

Our technicians will arrive with all the tools and various parts that might be needed to complete repairs during our first visit. Our goal is to complete all Avantgarde on brand pages fridge repairs within a single visit.

Avantgarde Fridge Repair

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We have built a team here that lives up to our 100% customer experience standards. We understand that you require a technician who is flexible and can work around your schedule, which is why we provide services 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

While quality and speed are top concerns, so is affordability. That is why we work hard to provide very competitive prices all across Metro Vancouver.